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GstarCAD Architecture 2012 Enables Rational Use of Space with Comprehensive Functions

Date: 2012-06-19

Beijing, China: June 20, 2012—GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today provided information on a group of comprehensive functions of the upcoming GstarCAD Architecture 2012, enabling users to optimize their design with limited resources.

No matter the buildings are residential or commercial, they will bring more benefits to mankind if they can be used reasonably, especially in a world with limited land resources. The elevation function of GstarCAD Architecture 2012 makes designers impress the contractors with neat layout and grandness of the structures. Unified elevation decoration of the buildings can also save cost.

Besides, the section function of GstarCAD Architecture 2012 enables designers to see clearly the layers inside the building according to the position of the cutting line. In this case, the owners can maximize the utilization of the vertical space of their buildings by analyzing the sectional drawings.

In addition, with storey combination function of GstarCAD Architecture 2012 designers can know about the relationship between the typical floor and natural floor, converting 2D drawing into 3D modeling according to settings. What’s more, the floors can be combined into a whole model, simplifying operations.

Moreover, the building cut function of GstarCAD Architecture 2012 makes designers to cut their 3D models in different ways and generate sectional perspectives, avoiding unreasonable design through the analysis of inner structure of the buildings. Furthermore, the 3D cut function can cut any 3D model, including solid model and models in any UCS conditions, bringing flexibility to designers in generating sectional perspectives.