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New Product Transplanted to GstarCAD by Ideas and Programs, SL

Date: 2012-08-16

Beijing, China: August 17, 2012—Recently, Ideas and Programs, SL successfully transplanted CAD-Autoblock to GstarCAD platform. This is another new product since the previous transplantation at the end of July, 2012. Until now, the successfully transplanted products include ARKITool 2012, ARKIPlan 2012, ARQ-Roof, ARQ-WoodRoof, CAD-Protect, CAD-Translate, TOP-Parcel and DOC-Translate and CAD-Autoblock.

Ideas and Programs, SL is a Spanish company with more than 25 years of experience developing software in the sector of architecture and construction. It has a wide range of highly skilled team both technically and commercially. Hundreds of applications have been developed by Ideas and Programs, SL on different platforms and in multiple versions.

CAD-Autoblock is a program which lets users locate and automatically generate blocks with their draft entities. With this program, users can eliminate the problems which caused by substitute entities which AutoCAD blocks are not used to organize the entities. This program lets users create various types of blocks, arrange the entities contained in the block, configure accuracy of entities, locate turned entities and find symmetrical entities, etc. These new features are also applicable on GstarCAD platform since it’s compatible with it.

Through perfect combination of this two software, users can experience practical functions of both products. In this case, users’ benefits are optimized without extra costs. “GstarCAD software has powerful functions and good performance. We will continue to transplant other practical functions to GstarCAD to further maximize our customers’ interests,” the developer from Ideas and Programs, SL says.

Users can see detailed product information on this page: The video which explains this product is available at: