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GstarCAD Expands Distribution Channel in Philippines

Date: 2011-10-12

GstarCAD, one of the world leading providers of 2D/3D design software, today announced that it signed a contract with EXPEDIENT CADD MANAGEMENT SERVICES as exclusive distributor for Philippines.

As the preferred technology solutions provider of the Philippine Design Industry, EXPEDIENT CADD has been working consistently to respond to the growing and evolving needs of business establishments in the Philippines. EXPEDIENT CADD has a lot of experience in local CAD business as well as providing CAD customization portfolios.

Brian Ernest L. Regalado, General Manager of EXPEDIENT CADD said: "We can foresee a greater demand for CAD software and CAD related services in the Philippine market as Asia's regional and local economies are booming. In line with our mission as a technology solutions provider to equip our clients with the Best quality and Best value Technology solutions for architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, we have partnered with Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd for the distribution of GstarCAD, the world-class CAD software platform that is Brilliant value and Efficient, with Superior quality and performance, Trusted by more than 190,000 users worldwide. With it's superior quality and performance at a reasonable price, we are confident that GstarCAD will meet the requirements of various clients in this AECM market."

For the past decade, GstarCAD has established 50 foreign CAD software developers and distributors which form a systematic marketing mode for the overseas market. GstarCAD's customer base cuts across both industry and terrain lines, more than 190,000 architects, engineers and designers alike from 65 countries and fields are harnessing GstarCAD to gain vital insights to help enhance efficiency. Through cooperation with EXPEDIENT CADD, it is expected that GstarCAD would utilize an effective brand penetration and implement corporate reputation in Philippines.