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GstarCAD 2012 in Development: Dynamic Block

Date: 2012-01-06

Beijing, China: October, 19, 2011, GstarCAD, an industry leading 2D/3D software provider said its upcoming GstarCAD 2012 version was going to provide a number of attractive functions such as Dynamic Block, in addition to the remarkable enhancement in performance and stability with GRX technology in the past years. The new version will target at applicability and usability for a wide range of GstarCAD users.

The Dynamic Block reference in the drawing is accessible to be altered easily through the features of flexibility. Users can define the different presence of a block by setting the visibility of elements of the block. A dynamic block reference may be displayed differently by changing the visible list. With these features, user can manipulate the geometry in a dynamic block by applying custom grips or custom properties which allows the block to be adjusted according to user's requirement at their wishes, without creating and inserting another block instead or redefining the existing block.

What's more, parameter and action of dynamic block are used to control the size, rotating angle as well as scale of the whole or part of the block in a drawing. When a block is given with different value, the block reference will have different visual representations from its initial state, just by a single click or dragging the action tab to change the block appearance.