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GstarCAD software Announces Release of GstarCAD 2010 Beta

Date: 2011-10-11

Suzhou GstarCAD company, the leading supplier of CAD solutions, announces the availability of GstarCAD 2010 Beta software for public evaluation. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Windows 7 and AutoCAD from R2.5 to 2010 and communicate with other Windows and AutoCAD applications, In GstarCAD 2010 Beta, you will work faster and more efficiently because of our using new engine.

GstarCAD 2010 with newly-developed In-Place MTEXT Editor will help you focus on your design and make your work experience more efficient with new and improved functions; AutoXlsTable exchanges ideals between CAD and Excel freely and quickly.

GstarCAD 2010 has a full blown application development environment(VLISP, GRX, VBA, SDS,LISP) allowing to port AutoCAD based applications to GstarCAD and run them with the same source code. The GRX API is highly compatible with ARX; GstarCAD vba achieve sound code compatibility with AutoCAD VBA and developers only simply replace the Acad with Gcad; VLISP supports vl-, vlr-, vla- and vlax especially vlx, fas.

Moreover, GstarCAD 2010 also adds Productivity Features for Improving Drawing Efficiency such as 3D Solid Render; the Edit of External Reference, Etransmit, Aerial View, .dwg Preview Plug-in, With these improved operations, you can work more smoothly and quickly.

We encourage our customers to download and test the new GstarCAD 2010 Beta version so that we can bring about an official version with better quality.

Please download GstarCAD 2010 Beta from:

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GstarCAD Oversea Department 
April 6, 2010