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GstarCAD's Road to Innovation

Date: 2012-03-02

“Innovation is the soul of a nation”, as the saying goes and today innovation is also the soul of those who wish to succeed, from the enterprise to the individual. Those innovative minds own the magic weapon with which to win.

GstarCAD is just such kind of company. It does not lack the brain power to create, through which it achieves success by becoming a world-class brand in a short period of time. Gstarsoft expresses its innovation through technological advancement, strategic thinking, and management techniques.

Innovation in Technology 
Each year, GstarCAD develops new products and then offers them to customers all over the world. GstarCAD attaches importance to innovation in how products function, and also focuses on developing diversification in products. In terms of functional innovations, the company each year releases trial versions, official releases, update patches and upgrade versions, helping its products approach perfection.

When it comes to product diversity, Gstarsoft offers a variety of professional software packages to meet the needs of different kinds of customers. Examples include GstarCAD Architecture for architectural design, GstarCAD Mechanical for mechanical design and GstarCAD Mobile Client (MC) for mobile clients.

Each new version of GstarCAD unveils functions that are totally valuable to users and newly innovative from Gstarsoft. No matter the range of functions, or the degree of performance or even the stability, each update takes a qualitative leap compared to the previous version.

The most innovative way by which GstarCAD leads is in its ability to inspire users to innovate. Through the unique features in GstarCAD, users are enabled to design in effective and innovative ways. These practical tools meet the requirements of customers, allowing them to refresh their minds and free their thoughts for design-because GstarCAD fully realizes “what you think is what you get!”

Innovation in Strategy
The success of a company cannot be separated from its strategy. When it came time to determine product positioning, GstarCAD decided that all its products should be able to satisfy all customers by solving their problems simply. It is for this reason that GstarCAD has emerged as a high quality, compatible and cost-saving product. From this wise decision, Gstarsoft became a widely accepted and well-liked company of customers that range from small to medium and large.

For sales and marketing, the decision makers at GstarCAD created their own unique strategy. For China, they decided that GstarCAD should establish many branch offices with each office having its own sales model. Elsewhere in the world, they created GstarCAD’s sales network by partnering with local agents. In addition to the off-line sales model, GstarCAD set up a flexible on-line sales model, which includes rapid support through email and multiple chat tools. Conference and seminars are held annually to provide a platform on which the company and its partners can share valuable experiences.

Gstarsoft executives regularly investigate the market and then adapt to changes. The success of GstarCAD proves that the company is innovative in its strategy.

Innovation in Management
The management of a company’s human resource is also crucial to fostering innovation. At GstarCAD, all staff contributes their knowledge to ensure resources are not wasted. Idea exchanges and resource sharing take place between departments. Everyone’s talents are optimized and each encouraged to freely express their creative ideas.

Innovation has turned GstarCAD from nobody to a world-class brand. Looking to the future, GstarCAD will continue along its road of innovation to bring the best products to its customers.