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GstarCAD software Has Visited GstarCAD's Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam

Date: 2011-03-10

For anniversary one year that GstarCAD has presented in Vietnam, the representatives of GstarCAD software have visited ViHoth Corporation - GstarCAD's exclusive distributor in Vietnam (the trip is from June 19th 2010 to June 22nd 2010).

GstarCAD software and ViHoth company's representatives visited the School of Mechanical Engineering - HANOI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY GstarCAD software Representative: Mr. Toby - Technical Support Manager (striped shirt), Ms. Mandy - Asia's Market Manager (white shirt) and ViHoth Corporation's CEO - Mr. Luu Minh Thuy (middle).

GstarCAD software and ViHoth Corporation had a business trip to School of Mechanical Engineering – Hanoi University of Technology and other important partners in Vietnam.

The one-month celebration of the anniversary helped GstarCAD complet its sale task in Vietnamese market in June, June is a month past several markers in operation ViHoth Company. Many activities took place simultaneously in celebration marks the company's new development. Promotions with great rates unprecedented for regular customers and corporate clients. Program "Do Business With ViHoth" has affirmed its position and voice of a certain company in the CAD market in Vietnam.