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GstarCAD Invited to Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum

Date: 2011-10-18

The Ninth Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum was held on November 3, 2010 in Seoul, Korea. As a software company representative of the Chinese delegation, Vice President of GstarCAD, Mr. Yu Huaigu, was present at the Forum and conducted in-depth discussions with other representatives on issues including the development of open source software in China and the cooperation between China, Japan and Korea in the open-source software industry.

It is understood that at the Forum, the three parties summarized the efforts and achievements they have done and achieved in terms of the development of and the cooperation in open-source software industry ever since the eighth Promotion Forum, and had in-depth discussions on the open source software technology and industry trends, the situations faced by their cooperation, and the efforts need to be furthered for the next step. The three parties reached a series of consensus and signed on the "Minutes of the Ninth Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum", defining the guidelines and directions for the three nations' open source communities to strengthen their cooperation and the development of the open-source software industry, and to improve the three's status and influence in the global open-source software market.

Elites from the open source communities of China, Japan and Korea also delivered keynote speeches, communicating with each other on such topics as open source community building, open source business collaboration model, cloud computing and etc. As an attendant unit in the WG1 working group from the China side, CSIP, together with other Chinese companies and WG1 working group members including Huawei Technologies, China Standard Software, BroadVision OnDemand and GstarCAD, conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with WG1 members from Japan and South Korea regarding OpenDrim and Crackerjack cooperative projects, and on behalf of the WG1 working group, CSIP gave a working report on the China-Japan-Korea CCTF Cloud Computing Seminar.

Group photo of Chinese delegation; Mr. Yu Huaigu, Vice president of GstarCAD (first from right)

GstarCAD vice president Yu Huaigu exchanged ideas and opinions with talented IT participants from the three nations at the Forum, and also gave a speech to introduce GstarCAD's application of cloud computing in the SAAS platform, increasing Japan and Korea's further understanding and knowledge of GstarCAD, and promoting the marketing impact of GstarCAD in the two countries.

It is reported that Chen Wei, Director of Software Service Industry Department of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Norihiko Ishiguro, Head of Commerce and Information Policy Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Head of Emerging Industries Bureau of the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy, as well as over 200 elites from the three nations' IT industries were also present at the Forum and meetings. In addition, Director Qiu Shanqin and Assistant Director Liu Longgeng of Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology together with other CSIP representatives participated in the meeting and Forum in the overall process.